The main goal of a promotion specialist is to boost sales. This doesn’t only mean high positions, but also the quality of the website and the traffic

You can’t assess the efficiency of a promotion specialist’s work on the basis of individual criteria, you have to consider them in their entirety. Then you can draw objective and sound conclusions about the success of a SEO optimisation campaign.

There are numerous indicators that help evaluate how skilfully and competently SEO optimisation was conducted. In the majority of cases it depends on what task the customer assigned to the SEO specialist.

These are the most common methods to evaluate how efficiently a particular website was promoted:

  1. the most common ones are the rising indicators in the sales segment;
  2. increase in the number of subscribers, commission of conversion actions (for example, registration, purchase, subscription);
  3. the position of the website in well-known search engines (Yandex, Google).

Let’s examine these criteria in more detail.

Sales increase

An ambiguous indicator of efficiency. Here you have to thoroughly study the reasons for the sales increase. It may have happened due to seasonality (for example, an autumn/winter fashion collection).

On the other hand, if  the business is struggling with sales, the owner may be at fault (poor quality merchandise, bad services, etc.).

In light of the above, you can’t judge the work of promotion specialists based on this criterion only. Although, typically it is the one that customers focus on.

Conversion increase

To evaluate the efficiency of this indicator, a web studio or a specific specialist has to carry out a thorough website audit and  improve and correct the website based on the exposed mistakes. This is necessary for the user to take the required actions:

  • subscribe to newsletters;
  • leave comments regarding the merchandise;
  • buy using the online shop  catalogue;
  • ask questions in the chat or by phone (concerning the chosen product or category).

Such criteria provide a more realistic and objective estimate of an SEO specialist’s work and efficiency.

Increase in the rank of the website in search results

It isn’t very hard to understand if a website has risen in the search results for certain keywords and queries. The proper composition of the website’s semantic core is crucial here.

Frequently, neophyte ‘SEO experts’ offer the uninitiated customer the first place in the search results for low-frequency queries, which will result in little traffic. Whereas high-frequency queries will show low results because of high competition.

To avoid this, you need to analyse as many meaningful queries in the niche of the promoted product or service as possible, and create the semantic core based on the data obtained.

We’ve examined the principal criteria used to evaluate the quality work of a SEO promotion specialist or web studio. Based on these recommendations, it’ll be much easier to choose the right specialist!