• Subject matter: orthopaedic mattresses, beds and sofas.
  • Objective: setup PPC to match semantics in Google AdWords (search, Google Display Network)

Отопление - реклама

15 advertising campaigns with fine adjustment:

  • for each region,
  • for promotions with a deadline,
  • sorting by hot, warm, cold queries,
  • by the advertising display time,
  • retarget marketing,
  • 1 advertisment = 1 query,
  • use of UTM parameters.

Automatic bet raising:

  • auction warm up with minimal expenditures,
  • display over search results (special placement) for the minimum price,
  • switch off ad display, if the website is on the first page of the free search results for the given query.

Increasing the number of key queries:

  • 5,000 and more initial queries for a fast launch of advertising campaigns,
  • We’re increasing this number gradually, it is currently 10,324 queries
  • Detailed elaboration of the queries for relevant platforms,
  • Use of additional operators to lower the cost of a click and increase CTR,
  • Cross exclusion of queries.

Monitoring and analysis of advertising campaigns through Google.Analytics

Increase CTR through ad improvement

Decrease the cost of a click through:

  • high CTR,
  • fine adjustment of the advertising campaign,
  • large number of key queries.

Screenshot of some statistics from the Yandex.Direct SONIT settings interface:

Сонит -Яндекс Директ