Services and Charges

PPC advertising

Setting up / from $200

  • Semantic core for 50-1000 queries.
  • Selection and clustering of queries (taking into account Google AdWords algorithms)
  • Website preparation: usability optimization, landing pages, and analytics tuning.
  • Quality advertisements (taking into account competitor intelligence)
  • Quality setup of advertising campaigns.
  • 2-5 versions of texts provided for testing.
  • Yandex Advertising Network and Google Display Network setup with multiple versions of banners and advertisements.
  • Use of multiple landing pages and geotargeting.
  • Automated participation in search result position auctions.
  • Campaign management: rates adjustment, increased CTR and advertising efficiency

Redesign Assistance

From $360 per month

  • Full semantics collection.
  • Distribution of semantics according to structure, expansion of categories a filters.
  • Analysis of competitors with successful websites.
  • Сomposition of terms of reference.
  • Rendering of models, tips for improving usability and attracting users.
  • Assistance in choosing a designer and organising work with them. You have a right to personally choose the designer you like most.
  • Assistance in choosing CMS, a layout designer and programmer, and organising work with them.
  • Full control over the operators, checking of their work at every stage, testing.
  • Formulation of every new page: selection of a query cluster, meta and meta generating templates.
  • Composition of a redirect list.
  • Adjustment and clearing up of code, and optimisation of content.
  • As a result, you get a fully SEO optimised adaptive website without any position losses.

Website promotion

From $500 per month

  • Website and competitor analysis. Composition of detailed terms of reference.
  • Creation of a semantic core for 100-10000 queries.
  • Internal optimization and structurization based on the semantic core.
  • Corrections and improvements (if necessary).
  • Development of landing pages, filling and designing content.
  • Beautiful snippets with headline substitution in free issue.
  • Assistance in picking out specialists for work on the website (or its creation).
  • Increased use of behavioural factors with a ‘clean’ method.
  • Purchase of permanent links and/or strategy of promotion with content.
  • Renewals of the website’s content, and writing of interesting original articles.
  • Development of modules, calculators and constructors, with increased conversion and quality indicators.