Local SEO Expert

I’m a local SEO specialist based in the USA. As a top SEO expert in the United States, I have provided quality services in:  New York, California (Los Angeles), Virginia, Washington (DC), Tucson, Phoenix, Houston, Chicago, Scottsdale, Orlando, Manchester, Colorado, Buffalo, Brooklyn, Philadelphia.


of a Private Specialist (Freelancer)



Hiring a freelancer is both cheaper and more effective than using TOP agencies. A specialist in an agency typically has 10-15 different projects on a piece plus-bonus system at any one time, meaning they aren’t properly motivated.



You will receive monthly, detailed reports providing information about ‘Positions’, ‘Website visibility’, ‘Comparison with competitors’, etc. We also provide access to Topvisor, a position monitoring service.



I personally supervise no more than 6 projects at a time. With a team of six specialists working on each project, every client can expect to receive plenty of attention. You can expect service from a content manager, programmer, SEO Junior, usability specialist, copywriter



I am a certified professional, with ❾ years of experience, , and my own automation systems and services. This means I can provide the expert search engine optimization services you need.


Honest Methods

You can expect complete transparency regarding the promotion scheme. Many optimisers buy lease links, meaning when the payments stop, the website’s positions plummet. A key part of my approach is that I don’t use link market exchanges or market exchanges driving up the behavioural factors.



My priority is improving the standards of both the source and sales. Payment is possible for the surplus profit from the search engine sales channels. Services will include handling of the SEO redesign, assistance in composing the reference terms, and designing a new website according to the requirements of search engines and competitive analysis.

Certificates and Diplomas

Receive a free consultation

from an SEO specialist

I’ll find any obvious mistakes hindering your website’s promotion and usability.

Services and Charges

PPC advertising

Setting up / from $200

  • Semantic core for 50-1000 queries.
  • Selection and clustering of queries (taking into account Google AdWords algorithms)
  • Website preparation: usability optimization, landing pages, and analytics tuning.
  • Quality advertisements (taking into account competitor intelligence)
  • Quality setup of advertising campaigns.
  • 2-5 versions of texts provided for testing.
  • Yandex Advertising Network and Google Display Network setup with multiple versions of banners and advertisements.
  • Use of multiple landing pages and geotargeting.
  • Automated participation in search result position auctions.
  • Campaign management: rates adjustment, increased CTR and advertising efficiency

Redesign Assistance

From $360 per month

  • Full semantics collection.
  • Distribution of semantics according to structure, expansion of categories a filters.
  • Analysis of competitors with successful websites.
  • Сomposition of terms of reference.
  • Rendering of models, tips for improving usability and attracting users.
  • Assistance in choosing a designer and organising work with them. You have a right to personally choose the designer you like most.
  • Assistance in choosing CMS, a layout designer and programmer, and organising work with them.
  • Full control over the operators, checking of their work at every stage, testing.
  • Formulation of every new page: selection of a query cluster, meta and meta generating templates.
  • Composition of a redirect list.
  • Adjustment and clearing up of code, and optimisation of content.
  • As a result, you get a fully SEO optimised adaptive website without any position losses.

Website promotion

From $500 per month

  • Website and competitor analysis. Composition of detailed terms of reference.
  • Creation of a semantic core for 100-10000 queries.
  • Internal optimization and structurization based on the semantic core.
  • Corrections and improvements (if necessary).
  • Development of landing pages, filling and designing content.
  • Beautiful snippets with headline substitution in free issue.
  • Assistance in picking out specialists for work on the website (or its creation).
  • Increased use of behavioural factors with a ‘clean’ method.
  • Purchase of permanent links and/or strategy of promotion with content.
  • Renewals of the website’s content, and writing of interesting original articles.
  • Development of modules, calculators and constructors, with increased conversion and quality indicators.

How I Work


1. I am an SEO professional who works with owners of small and medium-sized businesses. You can complete an application or contact me.


2. I can promote your website in any regions of the CIS, USA and Europe.


3. I will talk to you personally, conduct an audit, and determine the amount of work required. We can then discuss conditions and prices.


4. We will complete a secure transaction. You pay 50% upfront. Available methods of payment: (VISA/MasterCard), WebMoney, PayPal, transaction account (clarify the terms).


5. I will complete the work, and provide you with a comprehensive report at the end of the month.


6. You pay the remaining 50% of the fee. I promote your website on the following platforms: WordPress, Shopify, Bitrix.


If you need an SEO expert, I’m the one you’re looking for.


Participation in conference

Internet-marketing report in cooperation with IPM – Business school, Texterra and UniSender agencies.


‘OWL Media, Inc.’ founder in the USA.

In 2018 a representative office was opened in California providing local SEO services in America.


Co-founder of ‘House-Media’ studio (Since 2014)

I am the co-founder of a digital studio, promoting furniture and construction businesses.


9 years of industry experience

‘Studia Ru’, ‘Web Turbina’ in A. Merkulov’s team, ‘Web Sputnik’, ‘Robinson’ Studio.

Thanks-you Letters and Reviews


Rating 5 based on 3 reviews


Most of the projects done in the Studio,
so below there are just some case studies.

  • Subject matter: online money transmissions
  • Region: UK
  • Renewed: 8th January 2019
  • Category: SEO promotion

Removal of serious mistakes in technical optimisation which could lead to imposition of sanctions. Internal optimisation of the website sections and tips for traffic attraction.

  • Theme: Online store of pumping equipment
  • Region: Belarus
  • Renewed: 1st June 2019
  • Category: SEO Promotion

The site had a good position in Google, ranked well in Minsk. But absolutely there was no visibility by region and in Yandex.

The main question that needed to be resolved was “Do subdomains for regions”? A detailed audit was done with the pros and cons of subdomains and folders, in order for the customer to make the right decision.

  • Theme: educational services
  • Region: Moscow and region
  • Renewed: 1st July 2019
  • Category: SEO Promotion

As a result of the promotion, another site was launched, which came out on the 2nd leading position in its segment after the main site. After a year of cooperation, the business of the customer has grown, thanks to our efforts, and now we are promoting its third site already to the whole of Russia.

  • Theme:  online children’s clothing store
  • Region: Moscow and region
  • Renewed: 1st July 2019
  • Category: SEO promotion

Promotion of online store in one of the most competitive topics. Site withdrawal from affiliate filter.

Optimisation of a French site without link purchase (from 0 to 90 visiters per day in 3 months)

  • Theme: Wedding Information Blog
  • Region: France

Promotion and maintenance of a website in the USA (from 0 to 700 visitors per day in 1.5 years)

  • Theme: commercial building site
  • Region: USA

Setting up and maintaining contextual advertising for a client engaged in the sale of products from natural stone.

Setting up and maintaining contextual advertising for a client engaged in the sale of electrical products.

Setting and maintaining contextual advertising for a client engaged in the production of forms for decorative 3D panels

Setting and maintaining contextual advertising for the client engaged in facade and interior decoration.

Setting up and maintaining contextual advertising for the client engaged in the sale of heating panels.

Setting up and maintaining contextual advertising for the client engaged in the sale of orthopedic mattresses, sofas and beds.



In what way are you better than an agency?

In a company one specialist can be dealing with about 20 clients at the same time. This means that, at best, they will devote 8 hours a month to your website. For this you’ll pay a full fee to the agency, of which only about 15% will go to the remuneration of labour. This covers not only the optimiser, but also the content-manager, layout designer and programmer,. As a result, your investment in promoting your website only works at around 10% efficiency..
When you work with me, you can be sure that your fee will provide you 100% efficiency.


What guarantees do you provide?

We can’t provide any promotion guarantees, and it would be unfair to promise TOP positions. Therefore we can only offer guarantees for providing certain services. Search engine algorithms are constantly changing, and your competitors won’t rest on their laurels. Unfortunately we cannot change that.


How much control will I have over the process?

When purchasing our PPC services, you’ll have access to AdWords, and personal Google Analytics accounts. You’ll top up the account yourself and you’ll see all the advertising campaigns. On top of all this, you’ll get detailed reports every month.
If you purchase SEO promotion, you’ll also receive personal accounts and access.


What payment schemes do you use (traffic, leads, positions, fixed)?

For each project I consider payment methods individually, besides the fixed rate. However, this is only after the minimum promotion period (2-6 months).


Approximate prices:

– Traffic: $0.05 for every visitor from search engines. There are highly specialised areas, where you won’t find more traffic with the best system in the world. The region in which you are promoting also plays an important part.
– Lead: 0.6%-10% from the average bill. I consider this scheme individually for every client, and only after the minimum promotion period. The price is calculated based on the average bill.
– Position payment is calculated individually. In some cases PPC or even social media will be more effective, so it wouldn’t make sense to promote using positions. They also have little value if the landing page doesn’t then convert interest into business, or if your competitors have better offers.


The price does not include the payment of all other involved experts:
designer, coder, programmer and copywriter. Also does not include the costs of links purchase.


~ 0 $

per month


0 $

per month


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per month